Your home could be making you sick. We have the cure.

When we think about a healthy environment in which to raise a family, we all think about the same things: yard size, proximity to parks and schools, room for everyone and the neighborhood values.

What we don’t think about is whether our house is a healthy home.

Too often, poor ventilation means that homes are full of hot, stale air, which can cause a host of issues for the house and its occupants. Solving this silent trouble maker has been tough – until now.

home_sickThere is now technology available that can replace the stale air in your home 4 to 5 times an hour with fresh pure air from outside. This in effect reduces the internal temperature of your home by up to 5°C in hotter months and also reduces the chances of asthma and allergy related diseases, by reducing moisture and mold in cooler months.

The real key to comfort is fresh air. There is nothing quite like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day and you can have that in your home with the technology of Bradford Ventilation's Odyssey.

Seven years of research, design, development and testing has wrapped the science of building temperature control into a smart, energy efficient cooling system for your home.

Perhaps the best thing about installing an Odyssey system is the effect it has on the temperature of your house during the night. Replacing hot stale air from a hot summer’s day with pure, fresh night air from outside means that the whole family can get a better night’s sleep. Which is good for everyone.

The intuitive nature of Odyssey means that it’s always working to cool the structure of your home. All for the cost of around $35 year.

The roof mounted hybrid power turbine ventilator is connected to indoor and outdoor sensors and uses wind power or a 55 watt electric motor (in low wind conditions) to circulate fresh air through your home or vent hot air out of your home.

The Odyssey is simple to install and you operate it via a touch screen control panel or simple on/off switch. One Odyssey unit is suitable for a living space of 150m2 and can replace all the air in that space four to five times an hour.

Improve the health of your home with Odyssey.

Want to know more?

Find out more about how Odyssey combines science & nature to keep you cooler without racking up a massive electricity bill…

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