Outsmart heat & humidity with Smart Technology

Heat and humidity makes us feel hot, sweaty, sticky and just plain gross.

While outdoor heat and humidity sucks, high temperatures and levels of humidity inside the home can be more than just uncomfortable. It can cause musty smells, bacterial growth, and even create condensation which can cause rot wood and structural damage to your home!

Fortunately, recent advances in technology mean that ventilation can help now more than ever. Bradford Ventilation has recently updated the speed controller in their smart vents to sense and respond to temperature and humidity conditions in the roof space. This new snazzy tech upgrade is called Air iQ.

This means that you now have the benefit of smart ventilation products that sense and respond to heat in summer and humidity and damp in winter, providing you with a year-round solution for comfort in the home.

The smart roof ventilators powered by Air iQ include AiroMatic and Maestro BAL.

These low-powered vents use temperature and humidity sensors in the roof space to adjust the speed setting to help remove hot, damp air and keep your roof cool and dry- making them highly efficient and low cost to run. Better yet, they have power equivalent to 6 whirly birds which is not only great value for money but by effectively cooling the roof space- your air con will work more efficiently.

The benefits of Air iQ vents also continues into winter. Studies link excessive damp in homes with health problems such as asthma and allergy related diseases. AiroMatic and Maestro BAL reduces damp in your roof by exhausting humid air. This prevents the problems we mentioned earlier like mould and condensation- protecting your family and giving you a healthier home.

So, what are you waiting for? Outsmart heat and humidity this summer with Bradford Ventilation's smart vents powered by Air iQ.

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