Eave Vents

Polymer and BAL-rated metal vents installed in the eaves of a home for optimum cross flow ventilation with roof mounted vents

Bradford Ventilation has two types of high-quality eave vents designed to work in conjunction with roof vents to allow cooler, outside air to be drawn into the roof space. The air drawn in from outside helps create optimal cross flow ventilation and help the roof mounted vents to work more effectively and efficiently.

The PolyEave Vent can be used in most homes with adequate eave space. Manufactured from temperature stable ABS polymers, the small inlet holes prevent most insects from entering the roof space but allow airflow to improve cross flow ventilation with roof vents.

The Metal Eave Vent is designed for homes in bushfire areas and meets the requirements of AS3959. It is suitable for use in bush fire zones up to BAL-40. The Metal Eave vent is an effective vent to use in combination with the Maestro BAL powered vent.



  • Installed in the eaves of a home or building to provide cooler air into the roof space
  • The PolyEave Vent is suitable for most homes except bushfire areas
  • The Metal Eave Vent is compliant with AS3959 for bush fire zones up to BAL-40
  • Residential homes and commercial buildings
  • The Maestro BAL vent is compliant with BAL-40 when used in conjunction with the Metal Eave Vent

Product Suitability

Always check product suitability and limitations of use prior to selection - refer to the Product Technical Statement (PTS) available online.
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