EcoFan – Smart Subfloor Ventilation

EcoFan removes damp, humid air from your sub floor to keep your family & your home healthy

EcoFan is a smart sub floor ventilator used to remove damp, stale air in the sub floor that can cause structural damage, odours and mould growth. It is built with Air iQ, which detects the temperature and humidity levels in your sub floor, allowing EcoFan to adjust to the environment. The technology intuitively responds to the conditions in your sub floor and adjusts its fan speed to the optimal setting needed to remove heat and humidity, reducing the risk of condensation, mould and structural damage to your home. 


Effective cross flow ventilation happens when two EcoFans are installed in the sub floor because EcoFan features an interchangeable exhaust or inward air flow capability. For this to happen, one EcoFan can be set to exhaust stale, damp air from the underfloor areas into the external environment, and the other to bring outdoor air into an under-floor space. 

EcoFan Twin Pack underfloor airflow diagram

Alternatively, EcoFan also has three speed settings that can be set to low, medium or high for continuous ventilation to suit seasonal variations and specific circumstances in the home.


Poor quality air in an underfloor area can flow into living areas creating air quality and breathing problems for those living in the home, especially those suffering from asthma and allergies. Sensitive Choice (National Asthma Council Australia) endorses EcoFan for its ability to provide better quality air for those with breathing problems.

Features and Benefits


  • Air iQ Smart Ventilation Technology 
  • Made from tough, high quality UV stable polymer
  • Maximum flow rate of 734 m3/hr
  • Pre-set automatic temperature controlled variable speed setting or three pre-set fixed speed settings
  • Available in a twin pack for cross flow ventilation
  • Inflow and extraction settings
  • High efficiency 24V DC motor
  • Two year warranty on the body and motor, one year warranty on the power pack and speed controller


  • Air iQ technology controls speed setting to improve energy efficiency 
  • Effective removal of sub floor damp, stale air and odours
  • Helps reduce household allergies and respiratory problems
  • Speed controller can be pre-set to ensure correct air flow to match conditions.
  • Automatic setting useful when temperature exceeds 30°C
  • Settings can be changed to power fresh air in or extract damaging and unhealthy air
  • Quiet operation, low running costs and reduced energy usage
  • Reduces causes of mould, fungi growth and termite attraction
  • Two powered EcoFans work together to create a continuous, reliable flow of fresh air that protects against harmful subfloor damp 

Product Suitability

Always check product suitability and limitations of use prior to selection - refer to the Product Technical Statement (PTS) available online.

EcoFan combined with Optimo Underfloor Insulation gives better home comfort, to help create the healthiest, most comfortable home possible.

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