Ventilation Dampers

Ventilator dampers are made in a variety of types from butterfly dampers to louvers. Bradford™ Ventilation butterfly single-disc and divide-disc dampers has been designed to allow flexible and reliable means of air movement control.

A special tight seal is obtained through the use of a damper ring, which can minimise the passage of air when the damper is closed.

Operations of a damper can be manual (by a hand chord) or electric (by a motor).

Bradford™ Ventilation butterfly divide-disc is an advantageous solution when height of the ventilator has to be taken into account. Bradford™ Ventilation butterfly center-divide (or wings) swings downwards so it minimise the obstruction of the ventilator turbine top such as the Hurricane® and EcoPower® and the dampers are spring hold close but can be manually opened by tensioning a chord. Bradford™ Ventilation butterfly center-divide dampers can also be electrically operated to open or close:

  • Divide-disc manual chord operated damper – Bradford™ Ventilation Type 1 damper
  • Divide-disc manual chord and cleat operated damper– Bradford™ Ventilation Type 2 damper
  • Divide-disc electric damper – Bradford™ Ventilation Type 5 damper

The benefit of the single-disc butter damper seats tightly against the ring channel, minimise air leakage when closed. When operated by hand chain, Bradford™ Ventilation's single disc dampers are spring hold to close but can be manually opened by tensioning a chord.

  • Single-disc electric Dampers: Bradford™ Ventilation Type 6 damper
Single disc Divide disc
Manual chord - Type 1
Manual chord and cleat - Type 2
Electric Type 6 Type 5

Damper is a ventilator accessory that can be used in applications such as smoke or fire release, cold climate zones or when control of air supply is required.

Note: The dampers are designed so they are not tightly sealed to which it creates a partial vacuum around the base, as it will increase the risk of water entry due to the vacuum.



2 year limited warranty.

Product Suitability

Always check product suitability and limitations of use prior to selection - refer to the Product Technical Statement (PTS) available online.