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Wireless Transmission Stations,


There are more than 10,000 wireless transmission stations located throughout Germany operated by major telcos such as Deutesch’s Telecom and EPlus.

The wireless stations are located in attic spaces of tall apartment blocks to standalone field locations. Maintaining the reliability of the electronics requires operating temperatures to be kept below 35°C. Most stations have previously used 3.5kW air conditioning units to ensure this temperature limit is not exceeded. EPlus elected to trial ecoPOWER 400 (68W) on 200 stations as a replacement for air conditioning usage using the concept of ‘free air cooling’ or the economiser cycle. Because a depressurisation system of free air cooling was trailed the replacement air had to enter through a G4 filter.

Laboratory trials had shown that ecoPOWER 400 was capable of drawing sufficient air through the filter at the prevailing pressure loss. ecoPOWER was installed with dampers and internal and external temperature monitors were used to control dampers and operation between wind power and mechanical operation.

Selection Criteria:

ecoPOWER 400 was selected as the device to drive ‘free air cooling’ because:

  1. The product’s specific performance as a powered device is unsurpassed.
  2. ecoPOWER 400 ensured that operational noise would not be an issue for building occupants.
  3. ecoPOWER 400 was capable of providing a sufficient air exchange rate against pressure drop created by G4 filter.
  4. ecoPOWER 400 offered the option of pure wind operation during the cooler months of the year or wind and mechanical to replace the need for air conditioning during warmer months.
06 Mar 2011
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