Is your home baby ready with odyssey

Bringing home that little bundle of joy is both an exciting and somewhat nervous time especially if it’s baby number one.

But just how baby ready is your home?

No doubt you’re aware of all the things you should do before bub comes home. Like getting baby’s nursery painted, stocking the change table with supplies and perhaps a new rocking chair for feeding time.

All very valuable tips but what about the house in general, is it ready for baby?
Sure the safety locks and gates will come when bub is up and mobile, however have you thought about the overall indoor environment? Ventilation could be the missing ingredient for creating a more comfortable home for your new family, and an Odyssey air exchange system by Bradford Ventilation could be just the answer.

When it comes to the evenings, we understand how hard it’s going to be functioning on very little sleep. Keeping your baby asleep between feed times can make a big difference, which is where an Odyssey system can help. As the outside air begins to cool at night, Odyssey will remove hot air from your living areas and bedrooms to reduce the heat stored in walls and floors from hot temperatures during the day. This creates a cooler indoor environment which helps you all enjoy a better night’s sleep. It’s also whisper quiet, so you or your baby won’t be disturbed.

Fresh air circulating through your home in summer is not only healthy, it also keeps the inside temperature down creating a more comfortable living environment.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Odyssey uses award-winning wind and motor power hybrid technology that’s built to handle the Australian climate.

Odyssey has sensors that constantly measure temperature and humidity inside and outside the home. Collecting all this information, Odyssey automatically selects the preferred temperature level preset for your home.

During the day, when the outside temperature is higher than inside, the hot air is automatically removed from your roof cavity. Then in the evening as outside air begins to cool, the hot air is removed from your living areas and replaced with cooler outside air.

In the space of just one hour the Odyssey can exchange the air in a 150m2 home four to five times using an energy efficient hybrid 55 watt motor with an average annual running cost of just $35 per year*.

There’s nothing quite like fresh air through your home it’s natural and it’s healthy and it’s good for the whole family, not just bub.

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*Based on running costs of 28c per kW/h on a single Odyssey system.

Want to know more?

Find out more about how Odyssey combines science & nature to keep you cooler without racking up a massive electricity bill…

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