Reduce the risk of condensation in your roof

What we can’t see in our homes is just as important as what we can see, so understanding how to manage the risk of condensation in your roof space is important for your family’s health as unseen mould growth can thrive in damp conditions.

The risk of condensation formation inside roof spaces is particularly evident in residential homes where most of the insulation is at the ceiling level. This is because although the internal heat from the home is effectively retained by the ceiling insulation, moisture generated inside the home by the occupants is not.

This moisture laden air can freely defuse through the ceiling plasterboard and rise-up to the roof space, which can be significantly cooler than the inside of the home. In winter, when this warm moist air contacts the much cooler underside of the roof, it can condensate to form liquid water (condensation) and drip down onto the insulation, ceiling and timber structure, subsequently becoming visible as a stain or mould inside the home.

By actively ventilating the roof space with a ‘smart’ (humidity & temperature responsive) roof space ventilation system such as AiroMatic, a more stable environment can be created to reduce the risk of condensation formation. Bradford Ventilation's AiroMatic Smart roof ventilators actively sense and remove humidity in the roof space to help reduce the risk of condensation. Powered by Air iQ, this smart ventilator will also help manage roof space temperature in summer, helping ceiling insulation work more efficiently to create a more energy efficient home.

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