Smart ventilation for a healthy energy efficient home

The harsh Australian elements are often the same ones that contribute to its beauty. From high humidity climates to salt spray and high winds, there are several effects to consider ensuring that these elements are working with – not against – our homes. Many of us focus on the aesthetic appeal of our home and do not realise the functionality and health-of-home aspects we need to consider.

One of these is the need to ventilate your roof space adequately, the benefits of which you can enjoy for the life of your home.

Good roof space ventilation will help your air conditioning run more efficiently. Most new homes these days include ducted air conditioning systems throughout for ultimate home comfort. The ducts through which all that expensive, conditioned air flows live in your roof space, so keeping this area cool is crucial to supporting the cooling of your home. In summer, roof space temperatures can rise to 70oC, warming the ducting and making your air conditioning system work harder to cool down your home.

Having sufficient ventilation for your roof will significantly reduce heat build-up by working constantly to exhaust this air out of your roof area. The number of vents you will need to install depends on your roof size, so we recommend contacting us to find out what suits your home best. It goes without saying that higher flow rate means better ventilation so our Airomatic smart powered ventilator is the ideal solution for ultimate air change performance. With the option of fixed speed or variable speed (which uses Air iQ temperature and humidity sensor technology), Airomatic does the work of about 6 natural vents – delivering a powerful flowrate in a single, streamlined unit that will complement any roof type. Best of all, you can shop it at Bunnings or find your nearest stockist here.

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