EcoPower® Breathes New Life Into An Award Winning Power Station

India Dahanu power station

When the multi-award winning Dahanu Thermal Power Station needed to retrofit a new energy efficient ventilation solution, the smart choice came down to EcoPower EP600 from CSR Bradford Ventilation.

The 500MW coal fired power station located on the west coast of India has taken active steps to reduce its environmental impact since opening in 1996. As part of its energy conservation measures, the plant operator Reliance Energy undertook an upgrade of the exhaust ventilation system in the Turbine Generator Hall by replacing the existing electric axial exhaust fans.

The original fans were unreliable, required frequent maintenance and consumed excessive amounts of electricity. Reliance Energy also recognised the benefit of a hybrid ventilator that is able to work consistently for a long time; with or without a power supply.

Installing EcoPower ventilators delivered numerous benefits to the project such as reducing energy consumption by over 97% and achieving a maximum energy consumption of 116W per unit, typically consuming 90 – 100W.

photo Edmonds EcoPower

One challenge for this project was that the generator hall roof had existing penetrations for the original exhaust fans. Custom transition pieces were constructed to ensure weather proofing and eliminate the need for new penetrations, or sealing of the existing openings.

Retrofitting the existing motorised exhaust fans with EcoPower true hybrid ventilation technology significantly reduced energy consumption and maintenance, improving reliability, all without compromising building ventilation.

Key to the success of this project is the ability of EcoPower to shift seamlessly from natural ventilation mode to mechanical mode when necessary, ensuring that internal conditions are maintained continuously.

If the external temperature gets too high (reducing the effect of stack driven ventilation), or the wind speed falls (reducing wind induced ventilation) the high efficiency EC motor mounted directly in the turbine engages to boost airflow.

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