Fresh Air Throughout Home Year Around


Energy efficient, innovative home ventilation for comfortable living

Providing fresh air automatically or on demand, Odyssey cools your home in the hot summer months, reduces mould, odours and condensation, and draws in warmer outside air in the cooler months.


Combine science & nature to stay cool with an Odyssey, because ventilation makes it nicer inside

The search for lower cooling costs in your home during the sweltering summers is over!

Odyssey is a smart, energy efficient, free air cooling system for your home. It also provides thorough ventilation of the home to remove odours, allergens and freshen the air.

Designed and built in Australia to meet the demands of the harsh Australian climate, Odyssey can lower your cooling costs by taking timely advantage of the natural temperature differences.

Owning an
Odyssey System

Pricing for an Odyssey system starts from

$999* for the H1800 model &
$2,499* for the HR2100.

*RRP only. Pricing does not include installation


Odyssey is the answer for reduced energy consumption

Odyssey’s sensors will constantly monitor the temperature and humidity inside and outside your home and draw in fresh air from outside to cool in summer, warm in winter and help manage potentially damaging condensation and unhealthy mould.

Odyssey can exchange the air in a 150m2 home four to five times in an hour using around the same power as a single halogen down light.

Just a few of our reviews from Odyssey customers

Temperature control

Set and forget

Set your desired temperature settings in your living or roof areas and Odyssey will automatically provide all the comfort you need throughout your home.

Moisture control

Fight mould-causing moisture

Studies link excessive moisture in homes with serious health problems, such as asthma and allergy related diseases. Odyssey gives your home the ability to breathe, improving your quality of life.

Data control

Know your home

Temperature data can be logged and viewed in 24 hour periods with Odyssey, going back two years, and the settings screen displays easy to understand tiles for simple operation.

AIRAH Award 2013

Award winning technology to reduce your energy costs

Odyssey HR2100 was recognised by AIRAH, the leading air-conditioning industry body, for its excellence in sustainability and its ability to reduce the reliance on air-conditioning to maintain a comfortable air temperature in your home. Read more…

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