What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is a smart, energy efficient, air exchange system for your home.

Odyssey is designed to provide fast and effective relief from heat that builds up in the fabric of your home during the day so you don’t feel like you’re living in a hot box.

  • Works automaticallyWorks automatically

    When the outside temperature falls below that of the inside, Odyssey air exchange system automatically switches to indoor cool mode to efficiently remove the heat from your space.

    With its large capacity ventilator, one Odyssey unit has the ability to exchange the air in a 150m2 living space four to five times an hour.

  • Works throughout the day

    During the day, when external temperatures are higher than inside the home, and roof space temperatures can reach up to 70° C, the Odyssey valve is shut to the home and exhausts hot air from the roof cavity to remove the load on insulation. Generally operation is in wind mode only. If roof space temperature exceeds the set level between 35° and 50°, the system will revert to power operation to help remove greater quantities of roof space air.

  • Works throughout the night

    Odyssey continues to work throughout the night to cool down the walls and floors of your home, which would otherwise continue to radiate the stored heat from the day and make your living spaces hot and uncomfortable even when it’s cooler outside.

  • Removes hot air

    During the day, when external temperatures are higher than inside home, Odyssey works in roof cool mode to exhaust the hot air from your roof space. This will keep your home cooler as it will prevent heat from soaking into your home’s structure.

  • Measures and manages condensation

    Long term condensation build up can cause damage to rafters and ceilings, and increase the chances of mould. Odyssey measures air moisture content and relative humidity in the roof space, the living areas and outside the home. The results of these measurements are automatically fed into the system resulting in condensation management in the roof space. This process helps to manage potentially damaging condensation and unhealthy mould.

  • In summer, remove heat. In winter, draw in warmer air.

    Set and forget for year round comfort and protection

    Odyssey HR2100’s easy-to-use touch screen control panel is packed with features to allow you to control, monitor and set the innovative air exchange system. Simply set your desired temperature settings in your living or roof areas, and Odyssey will automatically provide all the comfort you need throughout your home. Read more…

These combine to significantly lower air-conditioning running costs and deliver a more comfortable home for you and your family.

Dan & Dani explain how Odyssey works

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