Easy to use controls

Touchscreen control panel

Odyssey’s easy-to-use touch screen control panel is packed with features to allow you to control, monitor and set the innovative air exchange system.

Set and forget

Simply set your desired temperature settings in your living or roof areas, and Odyssey will automatically provide all the comfort you need throughout your home. There’s a BOOST setting, that is manually controlled, to provide an extra burst of fresh air and get rid of odours.

All year round comfort and protection

In summer, set your system to remove stifling hot air and freshen your home. In winter, draw in warmer, outside air to improve those cold, damp living areas. In addition, moisture and potentially damaging condensation can be controlled all year round. Relative humidity is displayed for the living area, roof space and external environment.

Simple operation

Temperature data can be logged and viewed in 24 hour periods, going back six months, and the settings screen displays easy to understand tiles for simple operation.

H2400 control switchFresh air on demand

Controlling your H2400 couldn’t be any easier.  Introduce fresh, cool outside air into your home at the flick of a switch.

Available on the H2400.

Odyssey HR2100’s touchsceen gives you climate control and information

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