AiroMatic Smart Roof Ventilator

Installation instructions for AiroMatic.

The following instructions are for the DIY installation of AiroMatic on either a metal or tiled roof.

Installation for metal roofs

Airomatic installation - metal roofPosition vent appropriately and slip the top edge of the flashing under the ridge capping. Mark the position of the vent. Back flashing must be used if positioned lower down the roof.

Airomatic installation - metal roofUsing the marks, cut a 250mm square opening.

Airomatic installation - metal roofSlip the top of the flashing under the ridge cap and dress the flashing into the metal sheet corrugations. Run a bead of silicone underneath the three exposed sides.

Airomatic installation - metal roofSecure the flashing to the metal sheeting with TEK screws or sealed rivets along the 3 exposed edges of the flashing.

Product Suitability

Always check product suitability and limitations of use prior to selection - refer to the Product Technical Statement (PTS) available online.
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