Lifestyle Working

Lifestyle Working


Lifestyle Working
Brookvale, NSW, Australia.


The Lifestyle Working building is an ecologically sustainable development, with a commitment agreement to target a 5 star Australia Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR). The ABGR star rating evaluates the energy efficiency of the building, taking into account renewable energy principles and initiatives to minimise greenhouse gas emission. This will be the first strata building to target 5 stars. The sustainable initiatives within Lifestyle Working include: natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, passive energy solutions, and recycled timbers.


CSR Bradford Ventilation was asked to consult on the provision of static ventilation by project managers FKP. During discusions with FKP it was determined that static ventilation would not achieve the desired cooling and air change levels.


Bradford Ventilation recommended the use of the ecopower EP600, to provide ventilation to the 3 level building. 5 of the ecopower EP600 provide ventilation for the upper floor, whilst the other 13 are located over shafts that provide ventilation to the middle and lower floors.


Daniel Harcourt, Sales and Leasing Manager for Lifestyle Working, says the installation of the ecopower 600 is a suitable ventilation system that eliminates stale air in corridors and replace it with fresh air without the need for a large mechanical ventilation system. “Since installing the ecopower 600, we have seen significant benefits. The unique ventilation system ensured reduction in energy costs, noise levels and a comfortable change in temperature” he said.

10 Nov 2007
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