The Science behind odyssey

Odyssey brings the concept of air exchange to the market and is the result of over seven years of extensive research and development into the science of building fabric temperature control.

This process involved considerable exploration into the science of air exchange and the creation of an entirely new form of living space ventilation, an innovation which has been recognized by the Excellence in Sustainability Award from the Australian Insitute of Refrigeration (AIRAH) and a Good Design Award in the International Design Awards, and by our partnership with the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice® Program.

The Real Key to Home Comfort is Fresh Air

Air temperature can often be mistaken as the key to our comfort, but air temperature is only part of how we interpret warmth.

We are also affected by the temperature of the solid things around us (walls, ceilings, floors, window glass, etc.).  Also vital to our comfort is the amount of humidity and speed of air movement.

The typical Australian home has around 220 tonnes of mass which acts like a giant battery soaking up heat during the day and then releasing it slowly overnight, when the temperatures are cooler. During a run of hot days the building may not have time to cool down, resulting in a continuously hot and uncomfortable living environment.

To provide lasting relief a cooling system has to adequately cool the air in your home, and cool the entire building structure overnight.

Air conditioners are great at cooling the air, but they are increasingly expensive to run and often noisy to operate overnight when they can have the biggest impact on the building.

Odyssey is designed to take advantage of the cooler evening air to cost effectively cool your family and your home.

Tests by Bradford Ventilation engineers show that after two consecutive hot days, the internal temperature of your home can be reduced by 5°C with the use of Odyssey – all without turning on an air conditioner.

After 2 consecutive hot days, Odyssey will reduce your indoor temperature by 5 degrees

Dual powered, hybrid technology

Odyssey is very efficient, using around the same power as a single halogen light and having an annual running cost expected to be less than $35*.

The roof-mounted hybrid power turbine ventilator uses wind-power, or a 55-watt electric motor in low-wind conditions, so the running cost is minimal. A wall-mounted keypad controls the system, with the choice of an interior temperature setting or a Boost override switch for two hours’ continuous running.

*Based on 28c/kWh.

Reduce energy consumption

Odyssey can be used as a standalone system, or in combination with air-conditioning systems. Used in conjunction with an air-conditioning system, Odyssey can facilitate the reduction of energy consumption in the home. By utilising Odyssey alone overnight, you will capitalise on the fresher, cooler night air, reduce your energy consumption and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

A fresher home is a healthier home

Studies link excessive moisture in homes with serious health problems, such as asthma and allergy related diseases. Odours produced from cooking and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) emitted from building materials and furniture can also adversely affect the wellbeing of occupants.

Read more about the health benefits of Odyssey

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