AiroMatic - Clever thinking to help keep you cool

Do you remember that great Aussie movie The Castle? Remember Steve Kerrigan? He was the ‘ideas man’ according to his dad Darryl; Steve was always inventing new things to make life easier at home.

When things are easier at home, life is generally easier. In summer the trick is to beat the heat and keep your cool, and there happens to be a handy way to help you do just that.

Now you could say the AiroMatic should be sent straight to the ‘pool room’ but that really wouldn’t be its best spot.

Better to go with the roof and here is why. AiroMatic is an easy to install roof ventilation system that does the work of six conventional wind powered vents.

AiroMatic will remove all that stifling hot air from your roof which in summer can get as hot at 70oC. That’s a whole lot of heat for your insulation and air con ducting to compete with. As we all know, a harder workload on air con means higher electricity bills. No one wants that.

Now that’s some clever thinking! Fact is Bradford Ventilation has been researching and manufacturing ventilation products for 80 years so you learn a thing or two with that kind of experience and expertise.

The sleek design of the AiroMatic and its clear dome made of a UV stable plastic makes it the smart choice to cool and ventilate your roof.

The AiroMatic can also be fitted with ducting and a ceiling grill in specific rooms in the home, like bathrooms and laundries to remove moisture.

It’s a smart and cool solution to keep air in your roof fresh and it can all be done with preset automatic temperature controlled speed settings or three preset fixed speed settings.

No you aren’t dreaming, this is the real deal and the AiroMatic is waiting for you. Get some clever Aussie know-how in to your roof this summer and enjoy the benefits.

(How’s the serenity …?)

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