Save big $$$ on your electricity bills

The arrival of the quarterly electricity bill doesn’t have to be one to dread!

Sadly, for the majority of Australians it is, according to Choice’s Consumer Pulse Cost of Living Report1.

For the past two years, the cost of electricity has been the number one issue that consumers are worried about (81%). If when you were growing up your mum was a typical Aussie mum, saving on the electricity bill usually meant the lights were always off and using the air-conditioning on only the really hot days. Sort of like bringing out the good china when ‘special guests’ came over – hardly ever.

But it’s time to stop sitting in the dark and sweltering on a hot summer’s day, in a vain attempt to save on my electricity bills, and try something different.

Believe it or not, there is actually a way to lower your electricity costs and keep your home cool.

The answer? Odyssey – a smart, energy efficient air-exchange system for your home.

Save money on your home expenses with Odyssey

Odyssey’s smart air-exchange system means goodbye hot summer nights and hello fresh, cool air flowing through your home. Using Odyssey to cool your home reduces the need to use your air-conditioning, which means welcoming savings on your electricity bills!

Odyssey HR2100 comes with an easy to use, wall-mounted touch screen control which is connected to sensors that constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside your home. These sensors determine when Odyssey should switch on and off to maintain your pre-set comfort level.

So when the outside air drops below the inside temperature, Odyssey kicks in and expels the hot air from your home and draws in cooler night air, meaning you get a comfortable nights sleep without running the air con all night.

Odyssey is designed and built in Australia to meet the demands of the harsh Australian climate. Odyssey has been proven to lower your cooling costs by taking timely advantage of natural temperature differences.

Do something different this year – try Odyssey today and buck the trend of stressing about your electricity bills!

AIRAHAward winning technology to save on your air-conditioning costs

Odyssey has been recognised by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) for its contribution to sustainability.

The system requires low energy input and reduces your reliance on air conditioning, so overall, less energy is consumed when heating or cooling your home.

*Based on running costs of 28c per kW/h on a single Odyssey system.

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Find out how Odyssey combines science & nature to keep you cooler without racking up a massive electricity bill…