The absolute go-to DIY summer project

Ever spent your Saturday’s strolling around Bunnings, looking for the next DIY project to flex those under-utilised craftsman skills? You’re not alone.

We all know the feeling. The chook pen and kid’s cubby house are built. The bird house from last summer has already been freshly painted. Those shiny new tools you bought last week need to be put to use, pronto!

Summer is in the air, so why not pick a project that will not only help cool your home, but save you money on your electricity bills as well?

Bradford Ventilation's AiroMatic is designed for roof space ventilation, and can be ducted to specific rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. This product has been designed and packaged to be a DIY dream. The usual time of installation on a tiled roof is around one to two hours.

Why AiroMatic over the whirly bird? Well for starters, this bad-boy is the equivalent to six wind driven vents and can be used on a continuous basis, without reliance on the wind. This means that heat and humid air is removed from your house all day and night which will help your ducted air con work more efficiently.

AiroMatic also comes with temperature and humidity sensors which are installed into the roof space. These sensors are powered by Brad Ventilation's smart technology, called Air iQ, which senses temperature and humidity in the roof space and adjusts the speed setting of the ventilator to keep your roof cooler and dryer. This means it runs more efficiently- saving you money and keeping you comfortable!

If that’s not worthy of bragging rights, then we don’t know what is?

To make things even more straight-forward, we have developed some handy videos that will help get you on your DIY-way. Be sure to still read the installation manual before you get started though.

So stop aimlessly strolling up and down the isles at Bunnings looking for a new project and pick yourself up a Bradford Ventilation AiroMatic.

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