We combine science and nature to stay cool

Did you know…the typical Australian home has around 220 tonnes of mass, which acts like a giant battery soaking up heat during the day?

With summer here, this means that keeping your home cool while not racking up massive electricity bill will be tricky.

However, there is a way to naturally cool your home and save dollars on electricity bills. Bradford Ventilation's Odyssey home air-exchange system has been recognised by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) for its contribution to sustainability.

Odyssey exhausting hot air

Being a hybrid system, Odyssey uses both natural elements such as wind, as well as a low energy motor to operate when conditions require it. This means Odyssey requires low energy input and reduces your reliance on air conditioning, so overall, less energy is used when cooling or heating your home.

But how does it work? Odyssey uses the science of air exchange to cool or heat your home.

When we get a run of hot days your house retains the heat and therefore has no time to cool down. However, tests by Bradford Ventilation engineers show that after two consecutive hot days, the internal temperature of your home can be reduced by 50 C with the use of Odyssey – without turning on an air conditioner.


After 2 consecutive hot days, Odyssey will reduce your indoor temperature by 5 degrees

One Odyssey unit can replace the air in a 150m2 home up to six times an hour!

But how does it work?

Odyssey measures and responds to temperature variances inside and outside your home. Which allows the system to remove the heat from your living space and replace it with cooler fresher external air. This continues throughout the night, helping you get a better night sleep. When you wake up in morning the entire structure of the house is cool and fresh and ready for the next day.

During the day, when roof temperatures are higher than 350 C, Odyssey switches to roof cool mode to exhaust the hot air from your roof space and reduce the heat soaking through your ceiling.

So, if you’re planning doing some home renovation over summer then consider adding an Odyssey into the mix. It’s cheap to run making it a smart investment.

Think cool, think clever, think Odyssey and use science to cool your home this summer.

Want to know more?

Find out more about how Odyssey combines science & nature to keep you cooler without racking up a massive electricity bill…

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