Excess heat - reduction and management

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature level of your home is important for the health and comfort of you and your family.

Ventilation is one of the least expensive and most energy-efficient ways to cool a building and the people inside it. Ventilation works best when an appropriate number and combination of vents are used to avoid heat build-up in your home.

Air movement is the most important way to expel heat. Evaporation of perspiration is an effective way to cool people. It requires air movement and moderate to low humidity (link to condensation page).

Air movement cools your home by carrying heat out of the house as warm air and replacing it with cooler external air. Moving air can also carry heat from cooling systems such as air conditioning ducts to reduce its heat lead and possibly reduce energy consumption.

Well-ventilated and insulated roof spaces form a buffer between your home and the hot outside air. It might also help reduce your use of air conditioning.

Ventilation to control heat

Adding Bradford Ventilation vents to the roof is an inexpensive and simple way to let that hot air escape, and help your insulation and air conditioning work more effectively. 

Insulation does a great job of slowing down the transfer of heat between the roof space and living space in your home. 

But on hot days heat can still build up over time. When you consider that the heat inside your roof can reach up to 70°C, you can understand the tough job that insulation has to do.  If you also have ducted air-conditioning running through your roof space, it is also having to fight against this hot air whilst trying to deliver cooler air into your living areas.

In order for the vent to work properly, fresh, cooler air needs to be able to enter the roof space.  Bradford Ventilation also manufactures a range of under eave vents for this purpose, as well as internal closeable ceiling grilles to help release the hot, trapped air from within your house as well.

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Other ways to control heat
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