Hurricane natural vertical vane ventilation

For over 25 years, the Hurricane® range of vertical vane natural ventilation technology has been built to endure the tough conditions and operating environments. Bradford Ventilation products are designed, engineered and manufactured at its ISO9001 accredited facility in Seven Hills, Australia.

Hurricane was the original industrial ventilator to incorporate Edmond's patented vertical vane technology.

Good air circulation promotes the exhaust of hot and stale air and can prevent humidity build up. A well designed ventilator must be weather proof to prevent water ingress into the building whilst maintaining its performance. Bradford Ventilation's vertical vane Hurricane range of ventilators have been performance tested to Australian Standard AS4740: Performance of Natural Ventilators to determine flow rate capacities and been wind load tested to 195km/h and tested for rain penetration to Australian Standard AS2428.1: Dynamic Wind Load & Rain Penetration Testing.

Testing at University of Technology Sydney have shown an improved co-efficient of discharge (Cd) compared to similar sized traditional spherical vents.

In addition to the improved Cd performance, vertical vane technology have distinct benefits over traditional vents as they provide:

  • Improved torque at low wind speed
  • Better protection against rain - water ingress protected
  • Larger exhaust opening
  • Greater "sail" area to drive the turbine

Exported and used around the globe with varying conditions and applications, it has been used by some of the world’s largest corporations including:

  • General Electric (Canada, USA, Brazil, Chile, Vietnam)
  • Honda (India)
  • Toyota (Oman)
  • Umicore (Bulgaria)
  • Daewoo (Romania)
  • Qantas maintenance terminal (Australia)
  • Harvey Norman (Australia)

Hurricane are installed in over 300 schools and colleague roof throughout Australia.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

  • Specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications
  • Industrial strength ventilation systems designed to cool large open work environments from schools to warehouses and receiving docks
  • Improved co-efficient of discharge (Cd) compared to similar sized traditional spherical vents
  • Specially designed “Tandaco” double row bearing system for durability
  • Marine grade equivalent or better aluminium as standard
  • Lightweight design entails crane-life might not be necessary thus reducing overall installation cost
  • Variable pitch throat design can adapt to most roof angles
  • Higher flow coefficients than comparable sized traditional spherical vents
  • Design and tested to Australian Standards such as AS4740
  • Flexible design and product configurations
  • Special bases for roof slope and ridge, spigot and square to round designs
  • Manual and Electric dampers
  • Grilles and damper grills
  • PestGuard to prevent ember from entering the building via ventilator
  • Short lead times on standard products
  • Available in diameters ranging from 100mm to 900mm
  • Mill finish or power coated option to match most Colorbond® colours

Bradford Ventilation offers a service to help select the right size, number, type of vents is specified according to AS4740. Click to enquire or contact your account manager or contact our office.

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