I-Duct and E-Duct Ventilator

Used as an air inlet point in sewer systems, Bradford Ventilation I-Duct (inlet duct) is designed to ensure that the air intake face is always directed towards the wind. It is powdered coated inside and out to provide additional protection. The patented in-let ventilator fits directly onto piping or tubing and is designed to enable fresh air to be drawn into the vent.

I-Duct are extensively used with exhaust vents, such as Bradford Ventilation E-Duct (exhaust duct) or Hurricane® H100, to form a ventilation solution for sewerage systems and pipes. As a ventilation system, fresh air is drawn through the I-Duct to replace the methane laden air and is removed by the exhaust ventilators.

Bradford Ventilation E-Duct has been specifically design and manufactured, in Australia, for use as an air extraction point in sewer systems and pipes. They are constructed from a combination of corrosion resistance aluminium and stainless steel for durability. Critical components, such as the bearing, are located so it is not in the line of direct air flow from potential corrosive fumes. The ventilator is powder coated inside and out with polyester powder to protect against potential corrosive fumes and elements. The combination of these features creates a sewer ventilation system that offers long life and high performance.

Bird mesh, made out of galvanised steel, is fitted to stop large bird or foreign object going into the ventilator.


2 years standard warranty. Please refer to warranty document for full detail.

Product Suitability

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