Odyssey HR2400

HR2400 is a fully-automated, “set and forget”, all-year-round, whole-of-home and roof ventilation solution

Internal and external sensors monitor climate conditions, allowing the system to automatically adjust the home to the desired temperature throughout the year – just set and forget on the touch screen control panel.

HR2400 removes hot air from of the roof space as well as living areas, automatically triggered by the monitoring system, thus providing maximum health & energy saving benefits. Tests by Bradford Ventilation engineers show that after two consecutive hot days, the internal temperature of your home can be reduced by 5°C with the use of HR2400 – all without turning on an air conditioner.

One Odyssey system is suitable for homes up to 150m2. Homes between 150m2 and 300m2 require two Odyssey systems.

Features of HR2400:

  • Whole of home Ventilation
  • Roof Ventilation
  • Smart Climate Control
  • Humidity and Temperature sensors
  • Professional installation
  • 7 air changes per hour
  • 2400 m3/hr flow rate

Price per HR2400*

RRP $2499 per system.

Running costs per system are $53/pa.

*Prices are estimates only and do not include installation. Please request an obligation free quote for full purchase and install pricing.

Technical specifications of HR2400

Nominal system diameter: 400 mm
Electrical: 240 VAC 50 Hz
Max. 55 W
Ventilator: Hybrid (natural & powered) backward curved centrifugal
Motor: Electronic Commutating (EC) brushless motor
Turbine/Impeller diameter: 500 mm
Flow Rate @ ΔpsF=0: 2400 m3/hr
Noise SPL @ 2m: 36.5 dB(A)
Roof Slope Installation Range: 3° to 35°
Roof Space Minimum Height: 0.7 m (600mm rafter spacing)
0.85 m (450mm rafter spacing)
Roof Space Maximum Height: 2.4 m (600mm rafter spacing)
2.55 m (450mm rafter spacing)
Diverter Valve: 2 way, 2 position air source diverter valve
Ducting: 2 m Flexible metallised polyester film with helix wire support
Grille: Return air type with magnetically detachable grille
Wall mounted control panel: 8.8cm (3.5”) colour touch screen with 15m cable
Sensor accuracy Temperature: ±0.4°C, Relative humidity: ±3%
ACH (Air Changes per Hour) 7

Components of the HR2400

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Easy-to-use touch screen control panel

Odyssey measures air moisture content and relative humidity in the roof space, the living areas and outside the home.

Set and forget

Odyssey will automatically provide all the comfort you need throughout your home. Plus there’s a BOOST setting when you need fresh air now.

All year round comfort and protection

In summer, remove stifling hot air and freshen your home. In winter, draw in warmer, outside air to improve those cold, damp living areas.

Simple operation

Temperature data can be logged and viewed in 24 hour periods, going back six months.

AIRAH Award 2013

Award winning technology to reduce your energy costs

Odyssey HR2400 was recognised by AIRAH, the leading air-conditioning industry body, for its excellence in sustainability and its ability to reduce the reliance on air-conditioning to maintain a comfortable air temperature in your home. Read more…

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